Is Your Choice of Equipment Holding You Back?

You work hard to please your clients, but good intentions only go so far. It’s vital that you back them up with real results. Our trucks let you perform the toughest jobs with a higher degree of precision and unfailing accuracy.

Whether you’re manipulating vehicles and industrial equipment or transporting construction materials, Energy Crane trucks are flexible, maneuverable and fully equipped to make life easier. Our hardware is designed to deliver maximum versatility and boom arm articulation that ensure you can get into tricky spots, complete what you set out to accomplish and add more successful jobs to your portfolio.

With capacities up to 45 tons, Energy Crane boom trucks can handle serious tasks.

Could your current equipment or lack thereof be stopping you from taking on the jobs that might help your enterprise grow? Call one of our specialists at 1-888-414-0004 to outfit your business with the tools it deserves.

Variety Made for Albertan Industry

Every company is unique, and so are the jobs they perform. Working with an expert that can connect you with the right equipment is just as critical to your success as finding a knowledgeable foreperson or a reliable work crew.

At Energy Crane, you can depend on world-class experience and technical know-how that isn’t limited to just when you’re using our equipment. Working with a boom truck from our fleet means that you get the dependability of a vehicle that satisfies provincial and federal safety standards as well as our internal quality controls. We’re passionate about keeping our equipment in peak operating condition, so we perform regular maintenance and stringent safety checks.

All of our trucks are guaranteed to run smoothly, so all you have to focus on is getting to work.

Since 1996, we’ve been connecting companies throughout Edmonton and Alberta with the devices they need to stay productive. We’re proud to offer modern, functional boom trucks that can help you pursue great things, and we’re always ready to help you select the best tools for the job at hand. Discover why we’re trusted by companies worldwide by calling 1-888-414-0004 to book your boom equipment service today.