Lifting Mobility for Any Task

Our truck-mounted crane fleet takes advantage of proven hydraulic technologies to ensure that you can move loads smoothly and safely. While they’re great for natural resource exploitation and other heavy-duty tasks, they’re also perfect for precision construction work.

Why might a truck-mounted crane be right for your next project? These devices combine up to 150 tons of lifting power with freedom of motion. You can’t always depend on accessible working conditions, so doesn’t it make sense to bring your equipment to the task? Our fleet lets you work with complete freedom and adapt to the realities of each project instead of having to adjust your business processes for convenience’s sake.

Discover Why You Deserve an Energy Crane Truck Mount

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Work the Way Canada's Professionals Do

Companies all over North America have come to know Energy Crane as Alberta’s go-to source of industrial machinery and knowledge regardless what kinds of jobs they need to accomplish. We continually work to better our service offerings by maintaining flawless modernized equipment, trained operators and contract lifting options that suit a wide variety of enterprise requirements.

Why should you struggle with complicated lifts and logistical nightmares? It’s far easier to operate profitably when you leverage our specialized knowledge and tools. We can connect you with not only the purpose-built equipment that lets your company thrive but also the expertise you’ll need to put industrial devices to use the right way.

Take advantage of superior hardware, and you can build better business relationships.

Your clients trust you to complete jobs safely, on time and to spec. This is a lot of responsibility, but if you succeed, you’ll open the gates to new realms of profitability.

Let us guide you forward by taking care of the nitty-gritty details. Learn more about our truck mount fleet, industry-leading, globally recognized safety and maintenance practices, or the kinds of equipment that we recommend for your upcoming projects. Speak to a friendly Energy Crane lift guru at 1-888-414-0004.