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What makes us so different from other crane service providers? Whereas some just specialize in limited areas, we do it all without ever sacrificing quality. We operate a well-kept fleet of machinery that includes

  • Boom trucks,
  • Carry decks,
  • Truck mounts,
  • All- and rough-terrain cranes, and
  • Crawler cranes.

We’re also experts at servicing, deploying and operating these devices, so you no longer have to confront hitches that slow your operations down or stop you from achieving your true organizational potential. We’re known by companies across Alberta as Edmonton’s one-stop solution for comprehensive crane services, and we’re always working to expand our expertise on your behalf.

Cranes and rigging are complex. Using them properly shouldn't be impossibly difficult.

Our goal is to simplify the process of putting cranes to work for important business projects. We’ve built a uniquely functional operating model that lets you reap the benefits of features such as

  • Employees who adhere to our stringent internal safety rules as well as your proprietary safety governance and job quality standards,
  • COR Certification,
  • ISNetworld, CanQual, Browz and PICS good standing, and
  • Techniques and tools that meet federal and provincial health, safety and environmental guidelines.

We never just supply you with equipment and assume that you know what to do with it. Instead, we take a proactive approach to assisting and educating you as necessary with options like:

  • Contract lifting,
  • Long-haul and on-site transportation,
  • Lift planning, and
  • Consultation.

Don't let a tricky lift stop you from achieving the improbable.

We firmly believe in using the power of technology to help businesses go beyond their limitations. Our experts have decades of experience taking on tasks that seemed impossible and achieving improved efficiency and heightened profit margins. Discover why our crane services come with such a legendary reputation by calling us at 1-888-414-0004.