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Planning your jobs isn’t always as easy as you might assume. For instance, changing weather conditions could impede your work. Or your site modifications might present new physical obstacles as you build facilities. What you need is a consultancy firm with the experience to anticipate these kinds of challenges before they become realities. Energy Crane specializes in

  • Complete crane services,
  • Contract lifting and lift planning,
  • On-site and general transportation, and
  • Crane, hoist, truck and other lift equipment provisioning.

As an industrial enterprise, you’ll constantly face new challenges, but it’s not every day that you’ll get the opportunity to rise to the occasion by leveraging decades of expertise. We’ve been serving sectors like mining, petrochemical, construction and power generation since 1996, and we’re proud to put our knowledge to use for your company’s sake.

Lift, Crane and Rigging Consulting Backed by Flawless Professional Standing

We’re different from other services because we combine hands-on mastery with outstanding affiliations. In addition to having a packed portfolio of completed work, we’re a listed CanQual contractor and ISNetworld vendor.

What do our amazing credentials mean? You can depend on us because we’ve already proven our prowess and expertise. Whether you’re trying to complete a single task or rethinking your entire approach to due diligence and lift planning, working with our specialists is your best bet for profitable job completion.

Strengthen Your Business Model With Smarter Consultancy

You’ve got a lot to do, so there’s no shame in seeking assistance to shore up your weaknesses. Industrial projects like lifts and transportation can prove extremely challenging even for veteran operators, so doesn’t it pay to bring in someone with an established track record? Call 1-888-414-0004 to learn more about why Energy Crane consulting is such a worthwhile investment.