Specialized Equipment for Unique Industry Leaders

Alberta is known not only for population centres like Edmonton but also its vast wilderness expanses. To lift, move and transport the components and building materials that distinguish your work from your competitors’, you’ll require tools that can do the job without breaking a sweat. A rough terrain crane might be precisely what you need to change your practices for the better.

Our rough terrain lifting equipment isn’t just capable of navigating trying conditions. These devices are also hardened so that they can withstand rocks, uneven grades, vegetation, inclement weather and other environmental factors that might impede lesser equipment or cause unacceptable breakdowns. Work stoppages mean lost profits, so we’ve created a battle-tested fleet that you can depend on to keep moving even as the challenges you face grow harder to overcome.

Get the most out of 100 tons of lifting power.

There’s a rough terrain crane for every job, and we’re certain that we can help you find the right one for yours. Learn more by calling an Energy Crane representative at 1-888-414-0004.

Superior Cranes and Comprehensive Service

Some companies stop at rentals. They force you to deal with in-the-field upkeep and supply you with equipment that’s ill-suited for the tasks you perform. We do things differently.

By subjecting every vehicle we offer to rigorous maintenance and performance testing, we ensure that you never have to lose sleep over critical matters like safety. Instead, you can work confidently in the knowledge that your equipment will keep up with the long hours and harsh conditions that lie ahead without exposing your business to undue risk.

We make it easy to get things done without having to learn the ropes from scratch.

Our operators and specialists are planning experts. Whether you need a one-off job done or more forward-thinking, long-term assistance, we can help you work efficiently.

It isn’t always easy to take on tasks that involve rough terrain, and no matter what you do, you’ll always face unique hardships that threaten your profitability. Take charge instead of letting circumstances determine whether you succeed. Call Energy Crane at 1-888-414-0004 to learn how our rough terrain cranes can expand your operational potential.