Start Your Next Lift Off on the Right Foot

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What goes into preparing for a lift? It’s all about adopting a comprehensive scientific viewpoint that accounts for as many factors as possible. Our strategic assessments let us heighten lift success rates by addressing details such as

  • The size and positioning of the load,
  • Crane and rigging equipment capacities,
  • Job timetables and budget constraints,
  • Overhead obstructions, ground-level obstacles, terrain conditions and weather, and
  • Federal and provincial safety regulations and industry best practices.

By breaking down each problem into easily manageable parts, we do more than just help you lift and move items. We also provide you with unmatched insights about potential ways to make your lift more doable and improve workplace safety. By working with Energy Crane lift planners, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of errors, and this means that you get to operate more cost-effectively in the long run.

Planning a Better Lift Is Well Within the Realm of Possibility

When you’re dealing with complicated lifts, the issue isn’t whether something is feasible. The real question is whether you’re prepared to proactively bring your goals within reach by considering your every move in advance.

Our business thrives when we help you prosper.

No matter how difficult it may seem to plan a complex maneuver, we never stop until we’ve accounted for everything. Clearances, environmental conditions, compliance requirements and other variables can either serve as barriers or gateways to success. Energy Crane lift planning gives you the power to leverage your knowledge instead of being hindered by it.

We’re known for our creative approach to solving problems that nobody else is even willing to attempt. Over the years, we’ve helped countless companies move some of Alberta’s most ungainly loads with absolute grace, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping you complete a project.

Industrial lifting carries inherent risks. Why place your future in jeopardy by flying blind or going unprepared? Make Energy Crane your lift planning partner by calling one of our knowledgeable team members at 1-888-414-0004 today.